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Tronca nuovo commissario di Roma

di Franca e Giuseppe Conte
Risponde: Giorgio Centonze il 07/11/2015
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Grazie Adele

di catia il 12/10/2015
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Matty, amico mio di Rossy il 08/10/2015
President messages
19 ottobre 2015
Even our fourteenth anniversary has passed

Even our fourteenth anniversary has passed.

It went away with a little more melancholy and sadness.

This year we were more alone in remembering.

Our Leader left us, even if we felt him among us all the time.

The Holy Mass, celebrated as always in Sant’Ambrogio, was held by Mons.Buzzi, Prefect of Biblioteca Ambrosiana.

His homily gave everyone a message of hope, a witne...