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ENAC Sala Tamburo - Via gaeta 3 Roma - 11/06/2018
Port Authority privatizzazione ed integrazione infrastrutturale - TAVOLA ROTONDA
Port authority privatizzazione ed integrazione infrastrutturale - tavola rotonda 22 giugno 2018 - ore 9 enac sala tamburo - via gaeta 3 roma
Marilleva - 13/02/2018
Trofeo di Slalom Gigante 118 - PER NON DIMENTICARE
Anche quest'anno, sulle nevi di marilleva lo sky team val di sole, organizza domenica 25 marzo 2018, a ricordo dei nostri cari, il trofeo di slalom gigante "118 - per non dimenticare"
Our 16th Anniversary
Another 8th october  went away ... but the emotions lived on the days we found ourselves are still alive in us. at 16 years of age it was nice to find ourselves again and share a hug, caress, smile and tear. there were also many appointments this year.   look at the gallery   read the speech in the church   read the speech at scala
16th Anniversary of the Linate Tragedy
Dear friends, sixteen years have passed since the tragedy that struck us, and once again we are organizing a day of reflection and commemoration.
The fifteenth Anniversary
Dear eminence, dear friends, qohelet says (3, 1-8): “for everything, there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven: .... " for us, today is a time of remembrance.
Milano, 28 ottobre 2016 - 14/10/2016
International Conference 'From Aviation Safety to Complex Systems Safety'
Fondazione 8 ottobre 2001 together with centro studi demetra and università statale di milano decided to organize a recurring event aimed at renewing the attention towards the theme of “passengers protection”, ultimate goal of our constitution, addressing current issues and items of specific interest.
15th Anniversary of the Linate Tragedy
Is approaching a very important day for us, we wish to anticipate the program of our 15th anniversary.
Degree Prize - Fourth Edition
To honor the memory of the victims of linate of the day october 8, 2001, the city council promotes the fourth edition of the memory of the victims of the linate disaster on 8 october 2001 degree award.
Collegio San Carlo di Milano - 24/03/2016
Mass in memory of Paolo
Monday, april 11 p.v. at 15.30 at collegio san carlo in milan, father sergio formenti will celebrate a mass in memory of paolo.
Giant Slalom Trophy "118 - PER NON DIMENTICARE"
The committee of 8 october 2001 in collaboration with sky team val di sole, organizes monday, march 28, 2016, in memory of our dear, the giant slalom trophy "118 - per non dimenticare", now in its third edition.

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