Comitato 8 Ottobre - Per non dimenticare
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    Three are the main points that constitute our Committee and they represent great force and motivation of all families united in a continuos and constant will:

    • Checking and verifying the reality and so the civil and penal responsibility of Linate air disaster of 8th October 2001, adopting all possible actions, with the purpose of denying similar serious events referable to negligent and imprudent human behaviours in the future.
    • Making pressures on institutions for the punctual application of existing laws according to safety on airports and support the approval of new laws for prevention and acceleration of penal and civil trial and compensation fairness.
    • Never forget what it happened.

    At the beginning we were not much. Now the Committee has increased and it counts over 7,000 members. They are so many, everyone morally support us on this long way and with us they share our thoughts and targets.

    You too, be a part of our association as support member compiling the adhesion form. For us you will be motif of great force and you will feel us less lonely in this long way walk that we are facing together and hand in hand, on memory of the ones who, now, look at us from above.

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    Comitato 8 ottobre per non dimenticare

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