Comitato 8 Ottobre 2001 - Per non dimenticare il disastro aereo di Milano Linate
Comitato 8 Ottobre - Per non dimenticare
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  • Conversations begin at 5.57.36 (Gmt. You need to add 2 hours to obtain Italian time).

    Communications via radio of 8th October

    A misunderstanding game, unfortunately mortal. That is what come up from transcription of the conversation via radio among the control tower and many aeroplanes - where the twos that crushed on take-off strip - that crowded the port of call wrapped up by fog around 8.00 a.m. Here is the text of communications made with the control tower, the Cessna Citation II and the Md 87 of Sas.


    Time: 5.57.36 a.m.
    - The tower ask for the position to Sas 686 (the MD 87)
    - Sas 686: "We are still reaching the main taxiway, Scandinavian 686"
    - Tower: "Scandinavian 686, can you please confirm? Are you on the main taxiway now?"
    - Sas 686: "Now! We are going on taxiway, Sas 686"

    Time: 5.58.23 a.m.
    - Cessna: Linate, Goodmorning Delta India Echo Victor x-Ray (D-IEVX) ask for the starting with information Charlie"
    - Tower: "D-IEVX, goodmorning, please speak louder. You are authorised to destination via Saranno 5 Alfa, Arles, Arles 8 Alfa transition, 6,000 feet of initial climbing up"
    - Cessna: "D-IEVX is authorised to destination Saranno 5 Alfa after departure Arles 8 Alfa, initially climbing up 6 thousand"
    - The tower speaks again with other planes and also with Sas 686 that is going to take off and that replies:
    - Sas: "Scandinavian 686. Bye"

    Time: 6.05.27 a.m.
    - Tower: "D-IEVX, confirm ready to taxiway?
    - Cessna: "Affirmative"
    - By now Cessna receive the order to take R5 connection and to stop before crossing the strip prolongation. Actually the plane is somewhere else place, on R6, where it would not never be there.
    - Tower: "D-IEVX, taxiway north via R5 QNH 1013. Call me back at the stop bar of main strip prolongation"
    - Cessna: "Roger, via Romeo 5 and 1013 and we ask you before we reach the main strip"

    Time: 06.06.19 a.m.
    - The tower contacts another plane, Lx-Pra, and order to it to taxiway on R5 and to accord with Cessna, specifying that "obviously is not on sight", probably because of the fog.
    - Lx-Pra: "We follow the German, the stop of… on Romeo 5, Romeo Alfa"

    Time: 6.08.23 a.m.
    - The pilot of Cessna communicates something strange after having read an old sign S4 that is beside R6 connection. The tower does not know what he is talking about and after a moment of perplexity it authorises to go over until the main parking, but it is along R5:
    - Cessna: "D-IEVX is getting closer to Sierra 4"
    - Tower: "D-IEVX confirm… your position???"
    - Cessna: "It's getting closer to the strip… Sierra 4"
    - Tower: "D-IEVX keeping the stop bar, I'll call you back"
    - Cessna: "Roger, I keep the position"

    Time: 6.09.14 a.m.
    - Tower: "D-IEVX keep the taxiway, main parking, line Alfa"
    - Cessna: "Roger, I keep the taxiway, main parking, line Alfa"
    - Tower: "It's correct, and please call back when getting into the main taxiway"
    - Cessna. "I'll call you back on main taxiway"

    Time: 6.10.38 a.m.
    - The tower contacts Lx- Pra again and it replies:
    - Lx-Pra: "We are waiting to go out… to see the German going out, we haven't seen it. Do you know where he is?
    - Tower: "He is on main square, I could say you can go"
    - Lx-Pra: "I could say so, thanks, we move"

    Time: 6.12.37 a.m.
    - It is the moment of the accident. The flight Az2023 realises it and it calls the tower.
    - Az2023: "Listen, we are Alfa 15, behind us we've heard three shuts in sequence 2 minutes ago… and… one of the member of the staff says that she saw behind us, here at the end of the strip, a red fire trail of… a… thing… the aerial of the localiser"
    - Tower: "Ok and thanks… we refer, and… Delta India Echo Victor X-RAY"

    Time: 6.13.11 a.m.
    - Tower: "Delta India Echo Victor X-RAY"

    Time: 6.13.19 a.m.
    - Tower: "Delta India Echo Victor X-RAY"

    Time: 6.13.30 a.m.
    - Tower: "Delta India Echo Victor X-RAY"