Comitato 8 Ottobre - Per non dimenticare

Pettinaroli award

To Commander Andrea Zipoli for the great and tireless commitment lavished with disinterest, rare generosity, professionalism, altruism and humility in support of the 8 October 2001 Foundation in memory of our loved ones, contributing to the improvement of Air Transport Safety and to the development of universally recognized regulations on supporting victims and relatives of plane crash victims.

To Commander Arturo Radini for the fundamental support provided for the achievement of the objectives of the Committee and the Foundation of 8 October 2001 relating to the improvement of air transport safety, for the great experience and competence as both Commander and Flight Safety Office manager in Alitalia as well as an investigator in matters of air accidents, for the friendship shown to the families of the 118 victims and in particular for the great affection for President Pettinaroli.