Comitato 8 Ottobre - Per non dimenticare


Dear Friends,

Thursday, January 12, at 3 PM in the headquarters of the October 8 Committee, the first meeting of the 2006 October 8th Committee Board took place.

The Board has nominated the following members:

Paolo Pettinaroli, President
Ivana Caffi Motta, Vice President
Giorgio Picciriello, Secretary
Sara Avigo, 2° Secretary
Vittorio Agosti, Treasurer
Arianna Rosa, Press Advisor
Giuseppe Conte, Advisor
Piera Corno, Advisor
Adriano Martello, Advisor
Adele Scarani Pesapane, Advisor
Francesca Rossello, Advisor

Due to a change in residence, Chiara Giussani had to leave the Board and was replaced by Adriano Martello. Great thanks to Chiara for all the time and attention she has dedicated to the Committee even with all her familial commitments. We send a large greetings to Chiara from all of us.

Due to important family commitments, Dr. Holzmiller has resigned and in his position with be Andrea Zonca. Our sincere thanks to Mr. Holzmiller for all he has done for us these years and wishes of good luck to Dr. Zonca.

The Board of Auditors follows:

Michele Carpaneda, MMayor and Auditor
Gianbattista Stoppani, Mayor and Auditor
Andrea Zonca, Mayor and Auditor

Soon after the new postings begin the decisions on the upcoming activities for 2006 took place.

A warm Embrace to all.